Master Terrazzo Technologies collaborates with architects, designers and installers to create
color design combinations of standard and custom colors resulting in a unique terrazzo floor.





Earth Tones

Blacks & Grays*



Oranges & Creams


White Tones




Each of our “hard samples” is made from a selected epoxy matrix color and various aggregates, and the possible combinations are seemingly endless. These samples are custom mixed, poured, ground, polished and sealed to meet each designer’s needs. Master Terrazzo offers both “standard” and “custom” hard samples.



Examples of standard samples from our collection are shown below. These can be ordered by number and shipped directly for your review. Standard samples are made with a 200 grit finish and two coats of water-based sealer.



For custom samples, the designer chooses both resin color and aggregate selections, and finish options. Master Terrazzo Technologies also has both the technology and experience to replicate designs from existing installations.



You may request samples from our extensive standard collection below; just complete the form on the left of this page. Please limit initial sample requests to one or two samples per color of terrazzo for your project. You can also arrange for an in-person custom sample design session with a Master Terrazzo Technologies representative.

Master Terrazzo has many options available, and often our custom samples are best created in-person with your local Master Terrazzo Technologies representative. These samples sessions typically take approximately 30 minutes. Production of the finished sample(s) typically takes 3-5 business days to manufacture. In some cases, custom samples requests can be taken by phone or email with your nearest Master Terrazzo representative.



Our Standard (pre-manufactured) Master Terrazzo Morricite samples (examples shown below) are typically in-stock and can ship out same day or next day. Samples are typically shipped via UPS Ground. Please contact us directly if you require faster service.



Feel free to contact us any time with questions:
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If you prefer, complete the form to the left and a Master Terrazzo representative will contact you.



Partnering with Master Terrazzo Technology’s experienced team, our clients are able to explore endless design possibilities as well as the unique advantages offered by epoxy terrazzo flooring systems.

Morricite® Epoxy Terrazzo is a combination of various marble, granite, glass, synthetic or mother-of-pearl chips in an epoxy matrix. Chips may vary in shade, size and veining over time. The degree of polishing and type of sealer used can also create a different look. As custom field manufactured products, minor variations from our samples are to be expected.


Under certain conditions there is a potential for any epoxy terrazzo system containing glass aggregate to exhibit fracturing which can alter its appearance. The use of clear or light-colored glass as the majority of an aggregate within a dark-colored matrix (without contrasting colored aggregates of glass or marble) may produce undesirable results: some of the aggregate may fracture under pressure, producing a “frosty” or “crystal-like” appearance. This phenomenon can be aggravated by the use of large sizes of clear or light-colored glass within the aggregate.

Conditions which may produce these results in specific areas of a floor include consistently heavy foot traffic, heavy objects being rolled or dropped on a floor, construction abuse, and heat or friction produced during the burnishing of a floor.

For these reasons, Master Terrazzo Technologies recommends that when developing a design for an epoxy terrazzo flooring system, the use of clear and light colored glass within dark matrices is limited to a “design minimum.”