About Us

The artist’s vision, combined with the craftsman’s skill and leading technology, creates an artistic, sustainable floor with advantages unparalleled in any other flooring finish. Scientific research and formulation efforts provide superior products with endless design capability, allowing designers the freedom to create floor-art ranging from classic old-world styles to innovative contemporary designs.

As an ecologically conscious company, we offer materials to the terrazzo trade which are in harmony with the green building effort. Additionally, all products manufactured and distributed by Master Terrazzo Technologies are made in the U.S.A.

The foundation of any epoxy terrazzo manufacturer is the terrazzo matrix that binds the aggregate and bonds the terrazzo to the concrete substrate. Our flagship product Morricite has a rich history of performance and value dating back almost 50 years.

Master Terrazzo Technologies has provided materials for over ten million square feet of quality terrazzo installations throughout the world.


The art of Terrazzo has a rich history going back thousands of years. From ancient architectural structures during the Neolithic period, to the wealth of 15th century Venice, to the Beaux Art architectural treasures of New York, London and Chicago, people have treasured Terrazzo for its flexibility in installation, beauty of form and rock-solid durability.



Throughout a number of transitions since the 1960’s, Master Terrazzo Technologies has been perfecting the science of the design and installation of Terrazzo:

In 1960, the MacNaughton-Brooks Company formulated and introduced Morricite to the terrazzo industry. Morricite was named after Port Morris Tile and Marble, in respect for their valued contribution in the early product development. Port Morris continues to install quality Morricite Projects today.

Master Builders Technologies, worldwide leaders in admixture technology, purchased the MacNaugton-Brooks Company in 1978, and Master Terrazzo Technologies, LLC purchased the Morricite product line in 1997, with a commitment to provide innovation and leadership through a total commitment of resources to the terrazzo industry.

The introduction of MasterGard in 2003 was a terrazzo benchmark, providing a real solution to the most serious threat to a finished terrazzo floor: moisture. MasterGard is the only moisture remediation system developed and tested in partnership with Construction Technology Laboratories, resulting in the most thoroughly researched and proven moisture remediation system in the industry.

In 2008, Master Terrazzo Technologies was purchased by Consolidated Coatings, Inc. This acquisition resulted from CCI’s long-term interest in the terrazzo business. Following the acquisition, Mike Blackburn, a prior owner of MTT with over 20 years of experience in the terrazzo industry, remained with MTT as National Sales Manager. CCI values MTT’s history of leadership in the terrazzo industry, while contributing a track record of product quality excellence and polymer technology advancement.